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Ending Violence Against Women Queensland (EVAWQ)

The Ending Violence Against Women Queensland Inc. (EVAWQ) peak body provides a representative and united voice for Queensland women and children affected by gender-based violence, and the individuals and service agencies that provide specialist support. The peak body aims to inform and share the depth and diversity of knowledge from specialist services within the women’s sector to a broad range of government and non-government stakeholders in relation to all aspects of gender-based violence against women.
EVAWQ believes that:

- Violence against women and children is a human rights violation
- Women and children are entitled to a safety response from the community.

The peak acknowledges that violence is predominantly perpetrated by men against women and children. As a peak, we are committed to working together toward ending men’s violence against women and children. We work with the understanding that all forms of discrimination and impoverishment perpetuate and exacerbate gender-based violence.We also recognise that violence occurs in same sex relationships. Representation is gained through engagement of members from diverse women’s services across broad geographic locations.

QWHN is a member of EVAWQ.

For more information visit: http://evawq.org/