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Australian Women’s Health Network

The Australian Women’s Health Network is a health promotion advocacy organisation that provides a national voice on women’s health, based on informed consultation with members. Through the application of a social view of health, it provides a woman-centred analysis of all models of health and medical care and research. It maintains that women’s health is a key social and political issue and must be allocated adequate resources to make a real difference.
It aims to foster the development not only of women’s health services but of stronger community-based primary health care services generally, which it sees as essential to improve population health outcomes. It advocates collaboration and partnership between relevant agencies on all issues affecting health. To this end, AWHN coordinates the sharing of information, skills and resources to empower members and maximise their effectiveness. The coalition of groups that comprises the organisation aims to promote equity within the health system and equitable access to services for all women, in particular those women disadvantaged by race, class, education, age, poverty, sexuality, disability, geographical location, cultural isolation and language.
AWHN has representatives from across Australia in all States and Territories with a membership base which includes organisations and individuals.

QWHN is a member of AWHN.

For more information visit: http://awhn.org.au/