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Do you work in the health or community sector? Check out these conferences and other events.

8–10 Feb 2017
AIRAANZ Conference 2017 — Canberra

‘Reconsidering Gender and Industrial Relations’
The Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ). Key themes include the many facets of gender in the workplace, including gender, work and policy developments, gender and collectivism, pay equity, equal employment opportunity and diversity management, women in male-dominated areas, women working in the caring professions, work and family issues and issues affecting LGBTQI workers.
For information visit: <http://www.airaanz2017.org.au/>.

3–7 Apr 2017
15th World Congress on Public Health — Melbourne
The Australian Women’s Health Network is partnering with Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and others in organising the World Congress for the first time in Australia.
For information visit: <http://www.wcph2017.com/>.

26–29 Apr 2017
14th National Rural Health Conference — Cairns
Australia’s pre-eminent event for everyone committed to better health and well-being in rural and remote communities. The 14th National Rural Health Conference is part of 'A World of Rural Health' that also includes the 14th World Rural Health Conference.
For information visit: <http://www.ruralhealth.org.au/14nrhc/homepage>.

4–6 May 2017*
Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) National Conference 2017 — Hobart
*More information will become available closer to the event date.
For information visit: <http://www.apna.asn.au/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=APNA/ccms>.

10–11 May 2017
13th Annual Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum— Cairns
The Forum celebrates the work done by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in preventing and responding to family violence. It is an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers to come together and learn from, share with and inspire each other.
For information visit: <http://noviolence.org.au/indigenous/forum>.

27 May–3 June 2017
National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2017
NRW runs from 27 May to 3 June each year. These dates mark the anniversaries of the 1967 referendum and the Mabo decision, respectively. 2017 marks the 50th and 25th anniversaries of these historic milestones in reconciliation.
For information visit: <http://www.reconciliation.org.au/nrw/>.

26–27 June 2017
National No More Harm Conference — Brisbane
The National No More Harm Conference focuses on behaviour that causes harm and examines solutions, preventive measures and responses to bullying, harassing and discriminating behaviour.
For information visit: <http://nomoreharm.com.au/>.

28–30 June 2017
6th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference — Brisbane
The theme is ‘A shared vision: strengthening connections with information’. This theme aims to reflect the ongoing change and reform occurring within the mental health sector with increasingly diverse service provision.
For information visit: <http://event.icebergevents.com.au/amhoic-2017>.

3–4 August 2017
Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion in Australia Conference — Brisbane
This conference, presented by Children by Choice, is an opportunity for health and community professionals working with women experiencing unplanned pregnancy, and those interested in or working in the fields of abortion provision from across Australia, to advance their skills and expertise in this area of reproductive health.
For information visit: <https://www.childrenbychoice.org.au/forprofessionals/2017-conference>.

5–7 Sept 2017
11th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health Conference — Cairns
The aim of this national conference is to: increase the understanding and awareness of environmental health issues in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; provide a forum for discussion on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health issues; provide a national voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health.
For information visit: <http://natsieh.com.au/>.

26–28 Sept 2017
Women in Asia (WIA) Conference — Perth
‘Women in the Asian Century — Challenges and Possibilities’
The 2017 Women in Asia Conference provides an opportunity to showcase the work of scholars who research women and gender relations in Asia. With a particular focus on ‘Gender-Based Violence’, this conference aims to foster a discussion on the various challenges and strategies involved in addressing Violence Against Women in different contexts.
For information visit: <http://www.arts.uwa.edu.au/research/2017-women-in-asia-conference>.

16–17 Oct 2017
2017 Australasian Asthma Conference — Adelaide
‘Connecting Asthma Care’
Whilst the development of new medication and treatment regimens has produced significant reductions in asthma morbidity and mortality over the last 50 years, most asthma related deaths in Australia remain preventable.
For information visit: <https://www.asthmaaustralia.org.au/qld/about-asthma/resources/asthma-link/feb-2017/2017-australasian-conference>.

27 Nov –1 Dec 2017
Key Issues in Women’s Health Conference — Singapore
‘Let’s look at the health care needs of half the population — Information that every Nurse should know’
This conference will explore Women’s Health under three themes — Conditions, Pregnancy and Parenting, and Healthy Lifestyle. The program is based on the most frequent questions received from women by the presenting organisation Women’s Health Queensland Wide.
For information visit: <https://www.nursesfornurses.com.au/>.

29 Nov –1 Dec 2017
National Housing Conference 2017 — Sydney
‘Building for better lives’
In 2017 the policy debate on many housing and homelessness issues is fast moving and major progress is expected before the November conference. The NHC program will purposely evolve in-line with these major conversations and will cover highly relevant topics including: What are the key measures to move from an affordable housing sector to a robust industry at scale? What further policy reform is required to provide safe and secure housing for those fleeing family violence?
For information visit: <http://nationalhousingconference.org.au/>.

8–10 Feb 2018
National Indigenous Women's Well-being Conference — Cairns
It is time to promote the positives and successes in Indigenous Women’s Health and Well-being programs whilst recognising that we still have a long way to go to close the gap. The aim is to provide a platform for Indigenous women’s well-being, bringing together health professionals to exchange knowledge and information and raise awareness on Indigenous women’s issues, with this year’s focus being on preventive women’s mental health and well-being. The conference emphasises the positives of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander resilience and determination to strive for a better tomorrow without the constraints of the negative stereotyping which is more prevalent due to social media and bad media coverage.
For information visit: <https://www.icsconferences.org/2018-indigenous-womens-conference>.

13–14 Feb 2018
Working with men to End Family Violence conference — Sydney
Men play a crucial role in ending family violence. Most men are not violent and we need them to speak out and be positive role models. Men who are violent need to be able to engage with evidence-based interventions that support change. The Working with Men to End Family Violence conference will explore how we can do this most effectively.
For information visit: <https://www.criterionconferences.com/event/edvmen18/brochure/?utm_source=probono&utm_medium=listing&utm_campaign=edvmen18>.

19–20 Feb 2018
5th National Elder Abuse Conference — Sydney
In bringing together over 500 people, the 2018 Conference comes at a pivotal moment in Australia’s response to elder abuse. We look forward to the exchange of ideas, solutions and experiences at the 2018 Conference where delegates will work together making change.
For information visit: <http://togethermakingchange.org.au/>.

11–13 Apr 2018
Health in Difference Conference — Sydney
Health in Difference is Australia’s premier conference on the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer and sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities throughout Australia.
For information visit: <http://healthindifference.org>.


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